Join or Renew Your Membership

Join or Renew Your Membership

Why Should I Join?

Formed in 1975 Hawkeye Fly Fishing Association (HHFA) is a nationally recognized voice for fly fishing and conservation in Iowa. Outreach to teach fly fishing and fly tying, goes on all year.  Using membership dues and generous donations HFFA has partnered with other conservation groups and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (IDNR), to establish permanent easements and stream improvement.  Many of these projects are located in the Driftless Region of NE Iowa, but several are located outside that region.  A short list of recent projects is as follows:

  1. 2020 Low head dam removal on the Skunk River in Ames
  2. 2020 Bloody Run land acquisition
  3. 2021 Yellow River easement, two parcels

You can see a complete list of projects for the last 5 years on the Conservation page - Go to the project list >> Your membership will help fund these projects and your presence will help lend strength to our voice.

Membership Levels

Annual Membership - $20 per year

Lifetime Membership - $300 one-time payment

Stream restoration with large rocks and landscape fabric on Skunk river Project in Ames.
Stream restoration project on the Skunk River in Ames.

Who We Are

Hawkeye Fly Fishing Association (HFFA) holds events and provides resources for people interested in fly fishing, fly tying and fish habitat conservation. We are an Iowa-based affiliate of Fly Fishers International.

Support HFFA

Would you like to support the mission of Hawkeye Fly Fishing Association? Please consider becoming a member or making a donation.

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