HFFA Annual Meeting & Show Schedule

HFFA Annual Meeting & Show Schedule

2023 Annual Meeting & Show: March 10-12

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Family Night Schedule, March 10

Location Room 113 Main Hallway Atrium Room 107
5:30-8:30 Fly Tying Demos
6 Stations
30 min/session
6 Stations
15 min/session
Sign up for
15 min/session
Fly Fishing 101
North Bear Trout Unlimited
Urban Angling
Fly Fish Iowa, Ryan Koch

Other Friday Night Activities

ENTOMOLOGY LAB, University of Iowa – Do you know which insects live in the water? More importantly, do you know which insects fish love to eat??? See for yourself at the Entomology Lab in Room 106! Ask lots of questions!!!

SCAVENGER HUNT – Pick up a Scavenger Hunt sheet and answer the questions to explore the show. Gather initials from each stop. Return your completed sheet for a prize!!!

VENDORS & NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS – Learn more about the fishing community, stream restoration, fly fishing opportunities, and gear in Room 106.

BINGO BOARD – Take a chance and win a prize at the Bingo Board in the main hallway!!!

GAMES OF CHANCE – Find other games of chance in Room 106. It will take some exploring!

Saturday Schedule, March 11

Vendors & Non-Profits Presentations
Room 107 Rm 114-115 Room 112 Room 109 Atrium
8:30 Matt Graesch: Geology of the Driftless Casting for Recovery-IA Regal Beagle Flyfishing-IA, Caleb Corona: Small Mouth Fishing in Rivers Casting Lessons: Marty McVey, Instructor
9:30 Larry Dostal: Carp Davis Horton: Pike flies TroutRoutes app Front 20 Outfitters, MN
10:30 Mike Siepker: DNR Update Scott Nordby Fresh Water Flats Guide Service –WI, Luke Annear, Presenting Flies to Carp Project Healing Waters - IA Casting Lessons: Marlene Huston, Instructor
12:00-1:15 Annual Meeting – Rm 107
1:30 Pat Dorsey: Fly Fishing Western Tailwaters Larry Dostal Iowa Cold Water Conservancy Black Earth Angling, WI, Kyle Zempel: Fishing Opportunities of SW Wisconsin Casting Demos by Vendors
2:30 Davis Horton: Targeting Iowa Trophy Pike Lance Zook Hayward Fly Fishing Company, WI, Stu Neville Iowa Women Fly Fishers Meet & Greet
3:30 Bear Creek Anglers, IA, Kent Kleckner: Skills for the New Fisher Pat Dorsey Project Aware: River Preservation Casting Lessons: Liz Siepker, Instructor
4:30 Matt Supinski: Selective Trout on Small Streams Driftless Fly Fishing Company, MN Wilderness Lite
6:00 Silent Auction closes at 4:30
Cocktail Time: 6:00, Hallway
HFFA Annual Banquet: 6:30, Rm 10
John Van Vliet, Banquet Speaker
In a Corner of Iowa: Unraveling the Mystique of the Driftless

Demonstration Fly Tiers – Room 113, all day
Casting Lessons – Atrium, 15 minute slots at scheduled times

Sunday Schedule, March 12

Room 107 Rm 114-115 Room 112 Atrium
8:30 Matt Supinsk: Brown Trout Matt Graesch Project Healing Waters - IA 9:00-Noon
Casting Lessons: Marty McVey, Instructor
9:30 John Van Vliet & Zack Pope:
Old School Goes High Tech
Scott Nordby Sierra Club of Iowa
10:30 Pat Dorsey: Colorado's Best Trout Streams Jeff Moore

Demonstration Fly Tiers – Room 113, 8:30-12:00
Casting Lessons – Atrium, 9:00-12:00, 15 minute slots


  • Matt Graesch – Geology of the Driftless
  • Larry Dostal – Carp
  • Mike Siepker – DNR Update
  • Pat Dorsey – Fishing Tailwaters
  • Davis Horton – Trophy Pike
  • Bear Creek Anglers, Kent Kleckner - Skills for the New Fisher
  • Matt Supinski – Selective Trout
  • John Van Vliet & Zack Pope - Old School Goes High Tech: The Confluence of the Fishing Book & the TroutRoute App

Vendor & Non-Profit

  • Casting for Recovery, IA
  • TroutRoutes
  • Front 20 Outfitters, MN
  • Freshwater Flatts Guide Service, WI
  • Black Earth Angling, WI
  • Iowa Cold Water Conservancy
  • Hayward Fly Fishing Company, WI
  • Project Aware, IA
  • Driftless Fly Fishing Company, MN
  • Project Healing Waters, IA
  • Sierra Club of Iowa
  • Wilderness Lite

Featured Tiers

  • Davis Horton
  • Scott Norby
  • Lance Zook
  • Pat Dorsey
  • Matt Graesch
  • Jeff Moore

Additional Tiers

  • Kevin Kuta, MN
  • Kate Lodge, IL
  • Lisa Davis, IA
  • Grace Glander, MN
  • Tammy Goodwater, NE
  • Caleb Corona, IA

Additional Vendors

  • Rod & Rivet
  • Hawkeye Fly Tyer
  • Hoskins Nets
  • Tim Lambertson Mugs
  • Skunk Bugs
  • Flyfish Iowa
  • Apex Predator Patterns
Room full of people at HFFA Annual meetingsitting at tables.

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