Room full of people at HFFA Annual meetingsitting at tables.

HFFA Annual Meeting & Show

The Hawkeye Flying Association's Annual Meeting & Show is typically held in the early spring. In addition to presentations, there are vendors, fly tying presentations and demonstrations, and guides. A live auction, silent auction, and raffles help raise funds for Iowa stream conservation work.

Closeup of a fly on display at the fly fishing competition.

Iowa State Fair Fly Tying Competition

The Hawkeye Fly Fishing Association sponsors the Fly Tying competition at the Iowa State Fair.  The competition is supported by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and the Iowa State Fair.  The goal is to provide an opportunity for the public to view the art of fly tying and to promote fly fishing in Iowa.

School of trout swimming toward the camera in clear, rock bottom stream.

Trout Outing

In the Fall, Hawkeye Fly Fishing Association members gather for a Trout Outing in Northeast Iowa.

Detailed color sketch of a bluegill.

Bluegill Outing

A spring Bluegill outing is held for Hawkeye Fly Fishing Association members at Lake Wapello.


Who We Are

Hawkeye Fly Fishing Association (HFFA) holds events and provides resources for people interested in fly fishing, fly tying and fish habitat conservation. We are an Iowa-based affiliate of Fly Fishers International.

Support HFFA

Would you like to support the mission of Hawkeye Fly Fishing Association? Please consider becoming a member or making a donation.

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